Get the male look at Mankind. At Mankind traditional techniques and modern styles are fused to give you a truly unique grooming experience.

With over 20 years as a professional, Mankind’s Director Ashley Bestwick, brings his vision of modern male grooming to you. Ashley lives, eats and breaths the Mankind message.

Frustrated by the limitations of male grooming in the Loughborough area, Ashley founded Mankind to cater for men that want more than an old fashioned barber experience.

Set in the heart of Loughborough’s old town, the second you enter Mankind you know you are somewhere different, somewhere unique, somewhere that understands you.

It doesn’t matter if you are popping in after work, or you and a few friends want to enjoy our environment before a night out, you will definitely experience the next step in male grooming at Mankind.

Every visit comes with a full and professional consultation and you won’t leave disappointed.
Mankind salon located on Church Gate, Loughborough

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday:

9am - 6pm


8.30am - 5pm